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We are not the onsite letting agent


 Most residential high rise developments in the Gold Coast operate on one of three bases: 

 Where there is an onsite letting agent, as for example in the Oracle Broadbeach (Peppers), or Q1 Resort & Spa,  then good practice is that private off-site operators like us should  distinguish our operations from those of the official onsite letting agent, to prevent confusion, and so that guests know what they are getting. Apart from Q1 and the Oracle (and likely some new resorts, like Soul), most receptions are only open during normal business hours.

We make it clear: we are NOT the onsite letting agent, and we operate differently, as potential guests can be see from the comparative table below:



onsite agent

how we operate

check in

 at reception

  • guests phone us when near the resort; we meet them outside the lobby and take them to apt and explain how equipment and AV system works, and where to go shopping, etc;
  • after hours: as above 
  • we give a map how to find car park
  • we provide a more personal service

check out

 at reception

 guests leave the keys in the aptment.  

room service

 not available

 not available; some resorts provide take away menus in the apartments – we can do the same.

mini bar

in Broadbeach, only Peppers in the Oracle provides this. Hotels of course provide this.

 we don’t and we can’t; but why pay eg. $8 for a crown lager    beer when you can buy one in the liquor store across the road for  half the price? Everyone knows that a mini bar is a convenience,  but it does come at a price. It’s great for those who can simply  charge their employer.


provided as needed

we also provide, like internet, cable tv channels, hire equipment (porta cots, high chairs), extra beds etc. We can arrange most things through “Jack & Jill” hire service in Gold coast.


reception – if open (Q1 and Peppers at the Oracle provide a 24 hour service)

guests have our two mobile numbers and call anytime if there is any problem; we have access to a wide range of reliable trade persons.


reception – if open

 guests are told we are offsite operators and don’t contact reception – they contact us.

baggage storage


guests arriving early can usually leave baggage in the apt from 10.30 am. Departing guests can leave until 12 noon or 1 pm. In all cases, prior arrangement is needed. Most guests have cars and leave luggage in the car.

daily service

Peppers (the Oracle) and Q1 do; most holiday resorts don’t

 we follow normal practice: service only if guests stay more than 7  nights; guests can pay for additional service but seldom do this as  they would rather spend the money on something else!  Daily  service is one reason why onsite letting agents in some resorts  like the Oracle and Q1 charge more than most offsite operators.

room rates and daily service

 rates tend to be high to provide daily service

 see above - rates tend to be lower because no daily service is   provided;

use of facilities


  unlimited – once you have a key

room rates

these vary depending on how procured

we are usually cheaper than their onsite rates or their rates on Wotif. It is up to guests to check who offers the best deal.


functional standard package, Chinese

  Five star furniture packages from Noble House, Bundall.

location of rented apartment

guests get what’s available when check in – onsite agent cannot guarantee a particular level.

we can guarantee a particular leve. and view, like say level 19 in the Oracle  with the views as shown in image gallery.


In short, our marketing advantage is that we offer a more personal service, can guarantee a particular location, and can usually offer a cheaper rate than the onsite operator.

 As an offsite operator, we have been providing Broadbeach holiday accommodation in Q1, The Wave, Air on Broadbeach and Broadbeach on the Park since 2005, and in Oracle since 2013. If guests only wanted to deal with the onsite letting agent, then we (and all the other offsite agents and owners managing units) would not be in business. The industry is very competitive, esp in these somewhat constrained economic times – in our experience, guests will generally go where the cheaper rate is, whether offered by the onsite agent, or offsite agents. And they prefer guaranteed ocean views – they don’t want to look at the city or mountains. Or look into the building opposite.